If you own an Inflatable Jump or related rental business, this product has been specifically designed to manage the renting and scheduling of ALL of your products.
Inflatable Bouncers, Slides, Bungee Runs, Obstacle Courses, Boxing Rings,
Sumo, Velcro Walls, Joust, Dunk Tanks, Cotton Candy, Sno Cone, Popcorn,
Hot Dog, Margarita Machines, Tables, Chairs, Canopys, Tents, etc...
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Prints delivery order for driver
Prints the product release contract, with product and lessee merged
Prints product rental instructions
Display history of rentals for each product
Display history of rentals for each customer
Customer reports by rental, referral,
zip code, mailing labels and more.
Easy one step changing of datapath for network operation
Service areas by zip code for fast data entry  Warnings when outside of service area
Customer *Do Not Rent notification
Driver assignment for both delivery and pickup
Product rented report by date range
Product available report by date
You Will Never Over Book again!
Jump Master has a no nonsense licensing
policy that is designed to be fair to our customers and enable us to continue to bring you the best, most up to date, accurate product available at any price.
Jump Master is written in Microsoft Access to ensure compatibility with the rest of your computers software. One of the most important aspects of software today is that it is friendly with your other programs. Since Jump Master uses a non-proprietary database to store information in, you can use the data with your other Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel. We have seen other "event scheduling" programs that do not allow you to use the program data for anything else.

The first list shows you what has been rented. From this list, with a double click, go right back in to a rental and review, edit, or delete the rental altogether. This list shows the product rented, who it is rented to, the delivery time, and pickup time.

You can easily see where a product is going from the main opening screen of the program. No hunting around for rental lists to see if you can rent a product, where it's going, when it's going, and when it will be back.

The second list shows you what is available for the calendar day that you selected. It shows exactly what can still be rented. Click on an item, the click the schedule button and you are taken to the rental screen to complete the rental of your product. The Jump Master supports product pictures also! If you have entered a picture of a product you can double click on the product in this list to display the picture. This can be very helpful when trying to describe an item over the phone to a customer. Click on the picture to close the picture window, easy!
Jump Master is designed to be very easy to use and fast when scheduling rentals. Some programs are so intricate and complicated that it takes forever to set them up, (if you ever figure out how), then you have to learn how to use the program! Fast and simple, Jump Master!

Select the customer's rental request day from a calendar right on the form. You can select the day of the current month, change months, or even change years with a fast simple click. You will instantly know the day of the week that the customer is requesting for the rental. As soon as you have clicked to select a day, the rental lists will update to show what is available and what is rented. Fast and simple, Jump Master!
Select the product that your customer would like to rent and click the schedule button. You are taken to the rental screen where you will select the customer to rent to. Customers can be found by name, phone, address, and city. If the customer is a new customer and has never rented from you before, you can quickly enter the customer into the system at this point and then select them. Time saving features have been added to the customer entry to save keystrokes and make data entry fast and accurate. Delivery times are entered, pickup times are entered, select the product placement, add your rental notes and you're DONE! Fast and simple, Jump Master!
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