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Commercial Quality Heavy Duty Construction
Many companies cut corners to keep cost down.
(1) Other companies may use cheaper 420D nylon for construction of their Inflatable's. *Although 420D nylon offers lower overall weight, you do not want the problems associated with 420D nylon use. Using these 420D nylon "lighter weight" inflatable's in a commercial environment... Well, one things for certain... be prepared for a big let down in regards to longevity.
A Commercial Quality 13' Bounce House will weigh an average of 150-200 lbs.. Anything less than this average, you are buying a cheaply made product, either constructed with lightweight vinyl's, or 420D nylon. Yuck!. Do not be fooled! Lighter weight, cheaply made Inflatable's mean nothing but problems.
Galaxy Jump uses Commercial Quality 18oz Heavy Duty.vinyl's for construction
of all of its inflatable's.
There is a reason for the lower price, & you will pay the ultimate price in headaches, longevity & lost income.
*Click here for an example of how some Inflatable manufacturers build their Inflatable's to cut down on cost & lower weight. The floor or lower portion of this Inflatable is supposedly made with 15-18oz. vinyl?  This is good. But, take a closer look at the upper portion & you will notice that the material appears different than bottom portion. *Kind of like a Shiny Satin Finish. This Inflatable's upper portion is constructed with 420d nylon. Not good!

(3) They may not use webbing reinforcement or "back up" high stress areas of their inflatable's.  Galaxy Jump uses webbing reinforcement & quadruple stitching in these problem prone areas. We have been in the business since 1992! With 20 years of experience under our belts, this has given us the opportunity to discover these problem areas that must be addressed for maximum life. Purchasing Inflatable's from companies with any less experience you are asking for problems!
Galaxy Jump has Been there... & We have Done that...

(4) They may not install removable liners on climb up or slide down areas of slides, combo's, etc...
Some companies install climbing steps directly to inflated areas & not to a liner? Not Smart! What happens when these high traffic areas require maintenance? Instead of removing the liner & having the liner repaired or replaced, you now have to ship the entire inflatable to a repair facility. Shipping is not cheap, besides the cost of the necessary repair.

(5) The size of their Inflatable's may actually be smaller, than similar products Galaxy Jump offers.. These copycats may look or appear the same online. But, read the fine print or call about actual dimensions & construction techniques on their Inflatable's.
No surprises at

Galaxy Jump uses Commercial Quality fire retardant vinyls double stitching for a trouble free Inflatable
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High Quality Inflatable's without "Cutting Corners"