Inflatable Party Rentals are one of the fastest growing & easiest to start up small business opportunities available today!
With just a small investment of under $1000.00 you could be well on your way to financial freedom & success.  *So what are you waiting for?

Most common questions asked about the starting up of a new Inflatable Rental Business.

Inflatables are easily stored and take up very little room. Until you have 20 or more units, storage space should be of little concern. You can easily run your new business right out of your own home!
Yellow pages are a great way to advertise along with marketing your business using flyers, business cards & refrigerator magnets. You can also set up a Galaxy Jump at a school or church for free (no charge) and hand out  business cards & or magnets. *Customers love business cards attached to a refrigerator magnets for quick reference next time they have a party or special event! Leaving advertising materials at a party you have set up at is also an excellent way to promote your new business. Word of mouth usually accounts for much of your business. Advertising your new business should be of minimal expense.

The Internet is a wonderful place to help your new business grow! Galaxy Jump believes that a good quality website is essential for large-scale growth of your rental company. While a website is not 100% necessary, it is a great tool for sending customers to your website where they can view your rental inventory & choose the correct inflatable for their next party or event.  A website makes even a small company appear much bigger than they actually are & this alone will make your customers feel much more at ease & comfortable about using your company. Having an online reservation system also makes ordering from your company much more convenient for your Internet cliental.
If you need a high quality website design service, please give a call to our good friends at Electronic & Computer Specialties at (714)-282-6400 Ext. 101 & ask for Brent Fairbanks & be sure you tell him that Galaxy Jump sent you his way! You may also email them with any questions at

Rental contracts or Liability waivers are essential. A rental contract is a simple way to protect yourself. While a rental contract is not a way to eliminate your need for insurance, it provides a way for you to give a customer a receipt and track your income while having your customer sign for your terms and conditions.   

Galaxy Jump does recommend that liability insurance is obtained for your security.& piece of mind.
Click on Insurance info button to the left for companies that cater to this type of business insurance.

Galaxy Jumps can be set up by one person in about ten minutes and taken down in about fifteen minutes. One person can set up from between 4-10 Inflatable's in a day by themselves, *depending on the distance traveled and, the persons working capabilities. If you decide to hire someone to set up the units for you, the average pay is usually around $20-$25 per unit.

Other equipment that will need to be purchased, such as, a dolly for moving the inflatable, a few 50'  12 gauge extension cords, a small hand held vacuum, spray bottle, rags for cleaning the inflatable, additional stakes, weight bags and a hammer for securing the inflatable. This equipment can be purchased at a minimal cost.

Huge profits are being made each year with Galaxy Jump inflatable products.
Estimating conservatively, one unit will pay for itself within just a few months.
Galaxy Jumps are renting on the average from $75.00 to $175.00 *depending on State, City or Province, and most of our customers are fully booked on the weekends.
Making money with Galaxy Jump Inflatable's is fun & easy. Galaxy Jump Inflatable's  are self-advertising. They generate new businesses all by themselves.
Galaxy Jump Inflatable's create new customers each time they are setup & inflated!
How much easier could it be? Order yours today!  Who knows?
Maybe you can quit that 9-5 time clock punching job & start spending more quality time
with your family.
Starting Your Business The Easy Way
With Galaxy Jump Inflatables
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*Potential Profits Renting Galaxy Jumps
*Once Per Week at just $100.00 Per Rental!!
*Example only *Your profit may be + or -
                        Week    Month       Year 
(1)  Galaxy Jump  $ 100.00     $ 400.00        $ 5,200.00 
(2)  Galaxy Jump  $ 200.00     $ 800.00        $ 10,400.00 
(3)  Galaxy Jump  $ 300.00     $ 1,200.00     $ 15,600.00 
(4)  Galaxy Jump  $ 400.00     $ 1,600.00     $ 20,800.00
(5)  Galaxy Jump  $ 500.00     $ 2,000.00     $ 26,000.00 
(10) Galaxy Jump $ 1,000.00   $ 4,000.00    $ 52,000.00 
(25) Galaxy Jump $ 2,500.00   $ 10,000.00  $ 130,000.00
(50) Galaxy Jump $ 5,000.00   $ 20,000.00   $ 260,000.00